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discover the city of assilah

discover the city of assilah

  • November 16, 2020

Asilah city is the star of the north of Morocco, the jewel of the ocean, the necklace of the north and the forum of Arab culture. They are different names that are given to the elegant and quiet Moroccan city of Asilah, which has undergone important transformations during three decades in the level of infrastructure, public facilities and forms of urbanization, and knew how to transform itself into an important cultural and tourist pole, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes its inhabitants and people, where thousands of intellectuals make pilgrimage every year. The reason for naming the city of Asilah, the city is called by different names, among them the name Azila, which Ptolemy gave it, while the Greeks and Phoenicians called it Zelis, and the Spanish called it Arthila, and among the Arabs Moroccan is authentic, all these derivations can be traced to the name Azila, which means beauty in the language. Amazigh (BEREBERES). The history of the city of Asilah The emergence of the Moroccan city of Asilah two thousand years ago, Phoenicians and Carthaginians lived in it before it became the Roman castle of Zilis, which is located 40 km south of Tangis. In the 10th century AD, the Normans arrived from Sicily and settled there, and the Portuguese occupied it in 1471 AD. to monitor your merchant ships across the Atlantic Ocean. After the Battle of the Magi that took place in 1578, in which the King of Portugal, San Sebastián, fell to death in the Battle of the Makhzen Valley, the city managed to get rid of the Portuguese occupation at the hands of Ahmed Al -Mansour Al-Saadi in 1589, but it soon fell into the hands of the Spanish who continued their occupation until 1691, and in the same year Sultan Moulay Ismail returned it to the influence of the Alawite state. At the beginning of the 20th century, the city of Asilah became a stronghold for the leader of Raissouni, who spread his influence over many northern lands, before the Spanish drove him out of it in 1924. and they will control it more strongly until the stage of independence.
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