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Discover the city of Tangier

Discover the city of Tangier

  • November 18, 2020


Tanger the city that spoke Spanish:A melting pot of cultures, where Jews, Christians, Muslims lived together without mixing… It was an open city, in which each social and ethnic group preserved its identity. Spanish was the common language
A coastal city in the north of Morocco, Tangier is located in the Strait of Gibraltar. It is the current capital of the Tangier-Tetouan region. But Tangier is portrayed, graphically and literarily, as a magical city, as an independent space. Where is the charm and magic of Tangier located? Is there a specific place that defines the city? Tangier is the location, that place of mythical geography, of geo-mythology between two seas, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean; between two continents, Africa and Europe … with many ancient cultures around: there are Hebrew sediments, from when their expulsion from the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon.
It is an ugly city even. How is it that a city that is not more beautiful than Casablanca, for example, has such a magical and special point? By the history? His story is past. Now it is a very Moroccan city … however, it maintains that point that would make most of those who lived there, who now live in other countries, would return to the city. Because something was happening in the city that they loved in those days. It is what makes up its magical story, created by politics, created by the international situation. Because magic is created by accident, if we understand by historical and social accident its geographical location and being the object of the desire of the governments of many countries.

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