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  • January 4, 2021


You will find numerous Arab baths or hammam in Morocco in almost every city in the country. They are generally differentiated between public and private, the latter more luxurious and exclusive.

The larger steam rooms have separate entrances and rooms for men and women, and there are some hammams for women during the day and at night for men. You will not find hammams in Morocco that are public and mixed.

Certain higher category hotels and riads offer private steam rooms to their guests. These private steam rooms are usually more luxurious and tourist-oriented, so they also tend to be much more expensive than public baths.

Some hotels and riads allow people of both sexes to take baths together. Ask about the hamman policy before reserving a place.


In the changing room we will take off our clothes. Most men keep their underpants on. In contrast, women are much less modest and the female nude is almost always integral. However, being a tourist and to avoid offending, it is better to make sure that there are Moroccan women completely naked, before removing all the clothes.

While it is true that there are many types of h ammam in Morocco, they are always a pleasant experience. In some, shampoo is not necessary, but in others it is essential if you want to receive a full bath.

Another tip is to take your own mat on which to bathe. This also depends on the hamman, but it is a recommendation that should always be followed, as there are some that do not offer very good hygienic conditions (despite being bathrooms, paradoxical as it may seem). Of course, when you enter relax and enjoy. It is a unique experience.

Other basic rules are not to put your feet in the cubes, do not sit on the cubes and try to speak in a low voice.








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