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Merzouga Desert

Merzouga Desert

  • February 1, 2021

Merzouga belongs to a desert bloc called “Irg Chebbi”, which has unique natural, ethnographic and historical peculiarities .. Here, on the outskirts of the southeast of Morocco, the region formed the arrival point of the desert trade convoys that linked the Mediterranean basin to the countries of sub-Saharan Africa (gold trade, slaves … … in the third century AD, “Sijilmasa”, the ancient city that became mere ruins in the suburb of the city of Rissani, was the commercial and spiritual capital of the region, and was mentioned in the writings of great travelers, such as Ibn Battuta and Ion al-Afri.

Merzouga is struggling with its desert climate .. There is a social life and a human experience that has been steadfast for centuries and static, distributed among small villages or on the move in search of pasture and water sources, which give evidence of a person’s ability to adapt to different circumstances and conditions, and adhere to their lifestyle, even if they are waiting for greater attention From the state to provide vital facilities and services that help them to strengthen and develop the region’s attractiveness.

The tourism movement in Merzouga takes two aspects: a healthy hospital tourism with sand baths, with a seasonal summer character, and an ecological, sporting and exploratory tourism throughout the year … With the high temperatures that ignite the hot sand, an influx of tourists begins seeking cure for various joint diseases, in the dunes .

They are more like popular clinics spread by dozens, under small tents, set up by the people of the region who are aware of the effect of sand on the body that is riddled with cold. Health rehabilitation operations are carried out in cemeteries, according to special rituals, precautions and skills that make them far from risking lives.

As for the rest of the year, a different tourism activity makes Merzouga a global destination, even in light of the lack of infrastructure .. for the desert’s love of arts and colors .. Tours guided by feet or on the backs of camels, through the enchanting hills, whose color changes between bright golden and orange, according to succession. Sunrise and sunset, 4×4 races across specific tracks known to the people of the region, motorbike convoys cruising the dunes on unforgettable adventures ..



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