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  • December 22, 2020





Qalaat Magouna :

Or also known as Qalaat Makouneh, is a small mountain town, the first stones of which were laid in the first third of the twentieth century. This castle is located in the southeast of the Kingdom of Morocco; As it belongs to the Tinghir  region, as it is located near the Mekonn Valley, and this castle is about ninety kilometers from the city of Ouarzazate to the east of it. It is reported that it was named by that name in relation to a nearby mountain called Jabal Makoun, which has a height of about four kilometers, and this castle is famous for planting beautiful roses. This city is world famous for its many boroughs that spread on the riverbank known as the Dades River, and it is also famous for its high-quality rose products; In certain seasons, a special festival of roses is held that has become very popular on the international level. The word makoun is one of the Amazigh words, which means a fetus that is still lying in its mother’s womb. The majority of the inhabitants of Qalaat Maghouna are Amazigh, with the exception of a few honorable Idrisids. Other agricultural crops in this region include: walnuts, almonds, figs, and other products for self-sufficiency, including: apples, olives, grapes, and apricots. The inhabitants of this region were famous for their high morals, good hospitality, and the generosity of all those who came to it, whether they were expatriates or strangers.

Qalaat Magouna celebrates the flower season between 8 and 10 May, which the residents of the region await every year to promote their products.
The revival of this season, which the castle of Makouneh has been reviving every year, aims to highlight the diversity of its local products, as well as the role of roses in socio-economic terms, and their position in improving the income of the population, in addition to bringing in a number of visitors who contribute to increasing the commercial boom in the region.
As the season approaches, children spread flowers on both sides of the road, kilometers away from the Citadel, and the rhythm of life pulsates for days with “the name of the rose”.


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