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travel guide about places to visit in Fez – Morocco

travel guide about places to visit in Fez – Morocco

  • April 29, 2020

the city of Fez is considered to be one of the best and most important cities in Morocco, it is rich in culture, history, traditions, gastronomy and much more lovely things and places theat anyone can enjoy and like to vist angain and again. its had one of the first universities and the oldest places called Medina in the world, Fez city has a lot to offer and evryone who visited this city will never forget it, and definitely will come back again to it.


at at entering of the medina, gaze up at the intricate gates that arch over the entrances. These 4 big doors are covered in beautiful tiles and serve as a great scene before you plunge into the sights and sounds of the market place that let you to discover a unique charm place . you can find what called Bab Boujeloud, which is very impressive. here you will Shop for crafts, rugs, pottery and  much more other souvenirs at the souks in the streets of the Medina .

Medersa and mosques

One of the most religious sites in Morocco, where only Muslums can enter inside , but for non muslums you can view the exteriors that are worth to view, also some medersas, Koranic schools, are open to all visitors. at the entrance of the Andalusian Mosque and Kairouine Mosque is restricted to Muslims only, the architecture of the  houses of worship are beautiful with special design work . there is also the Attarin Madrasa that visitors can enter and discover, it is an historical old religious school, date from  14th-century, this school is  attached to the Kairouine Mosque.

Dar el Makhzen

Dar el Makhzen, wich is the Royal Palace of Fez . this place is one of the unique places in fez that are worth to see even if it is not open always to public .it is one of  the houses of The royal family, they dont live in ,it is  just a place like in every city that the royal family stay in when they visit the city. it is an impressive sight, it has a big doors made of brass and gold, surrounded by zellij tile work and carved cedar wood.a nice peace of work, that reflect the genuis of the moroccan hand made.

Borj Nord Arms Museum

It is located above Fez el-Bali, and it was built in the 16th century by Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur to monitor his disloyal population at that time. It’s one of the best places to get an amazing wonderful view of the Old Medina and take some pictures. here in 2016 an arms museum was opened to let it is as a memory of the medina culture, to remember it as one of the historical memory of the city , this place has stood through centuries of war and arms development wich make it now one of important memory places in fez.

Moroccan relaxation plans

for thos who looks for relaxing time places and traditional relaxation treatments, special after miles on dusty roads. we recommend you to try the hammam , is is the traditional Moroccan spa that you will love and enjoy, specialy for those who never try it before, you will feel so relax like you never beenin the whomle life, a unique experince. there is a choices as you like, from the utilitarian to the luxurious. Another plan you can try here is the Jardin Jnan Sbil for, it is a relaxing exatraordinary place where you will feel relax and calm. this gardens give visitors a bit of elbow room only meters from the commotion, that will let you feel so cool and so relax to take of all the stress of life.


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